“The world is at your feet”.

We have all heard this quote before. One of my High School Teachers said these words to me, followed by, “You're old enough to know what you want, and young enough to go after it”. And this was the beginning of a lifetime passion for travel.

A little over a year after finishing my High School Certificate (HSC), I embarked on a solo trip backpacking across western Europe. This experience was life changing.

Coming from the small country town of Armidale in NSW, I was way too trusting and definitely very naive. That being said, I must have had a Guardian Angel looking after me, because I met some amazing people and safely navigated myself around some “interesting” experiences.

My most humbling experience:

On my return flight to Australia during a layover in Denpasar (Bali), a local cleaner stopped to talk to me while I read a book in the airport. He asked me where I had travelled. I gave him a brief rundown of the many countries I had visited and worked in. These included; England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy and Greece.
Such a lovely soul. He listened to every word, and then he shared his dream with me. He had some relatives in Greece, and he dreamed of one day saving enough money to visit them. This man was in his 40's…my age now. At 19 years of age I had worked 3 x part time jobs before I left Australia, enabling me to save enough money to fund my travels around Europe. This man who had so little was so genuinely thrilled for me. Time to grow up and realize how lucky I was.

Travel is a wonderful experience, and having worked in the travel industry for many years, giving my professional advice to my clients, friends and family, I have felt privileged to share in and be part of their dreams.

So what trip are you planning? A relaxing holiday? Or do you want some adventure? Or maybe you are traveling for corporate or business purposes. Send me an outline and I will forward you some ideas, and we can build your trip together.

I look forward to assisting your travel needs while aiming to build a longstanding relationship with you.

Previous experience

Inner Faith Travel (Manager – 5 years), Kings Foreign Currency Exchange (International Consultant – 9 years), Hilton Hotels (Reception Supervisor -10 years).

Areas of specialty

Round the world ticketing is a real passion of mine for those who are travelling extensively.
When you think about it, to circumnavigate the world (in flight) in one trip, is pretty awesome!

Along with all areas of travel from Cruising, Coach touring, Skiing, Flights, Land packages and more, I also specialize in Group Travel, assisting School groups, Church groups and Corporate groups, to mention a few.